5-TON GRIP TRUCK.........................................$400.00
(Truck mileage, a la carte items and expendables are charged as used)

Grip Package Includes: 2002 GMC T-6500 25,950 GVWR, 20' Morgan Van Body w/ swing-out rear doors,4 Jockey Boxes, 72" x 100" Aluminum Waltco Level Lift Gate w/ Cart Stops & 12v/120v Int. & Ext. Lighting System.

*Mileage charge of 85¢ per mile.  
*Liability and Physical Damage, Hired-Autos and Non-Owned Autos Insurance required.  
*Listing S.S.P.S. Inc as Loss Payee.
S.S.P.S. approved drivers are required

1-20'x 20' Frame
1-20'x 20' Single Net
1-20'x 20' Double Net
1-20'x 20' Poly Silk
1-20'x 20' Solid
1-20'x 20' Griffolyn (Black/White)

1-12'x 12' Frame
1-12'x 12' Single Net
1-12'x 12' Double Net
1-12'x 12' Poly Silk
1-12'x 12' Solid
1-12'x 12' Griffolyn (Black/White)

1-12'x 12' Quarter Stop Silk*
1-12'x 12' Checkerboard Silver/Gold*
1-12'x 12' Half Grid Cloth*
1-12'x 12' Ultrabounce*

1-8'x 8' Frame*
1-8'x 8' Single Net*
1-8'x 8' Double Net*
1-8'x 8' Poly Silk*
1-8'x 8' Solid*
1-8'x 8' Griffolyn (Black/White)*
1-8'x8' Quarter Stop Silk*
1-8'x8' Checkerboard Silver/Gold*
1-8'x8' Half Grid Cloth*
1-8'x8' Ultrabounce*

1-6'x 6' Frame
1-6'x 6' Single Net
1-6'x 6' Double Net
1-6'x 6' Poly Silk
1-6'x 6' Solid
1-6'x 6' Griffolyn (Black/White)

1-6'x 6' Quarter Stop Silk*
1-6'x 6' Checkerboard Silver/Gold*
1-6'x 6' Half Grid Cloth*
1-6'x 6' Ultrabounce*

1-48"x 48" Single Net
1-48"x 48" Double Net
6-48"x 48" Solid Floppy
6-48"x 48" Open Frame
1-48"x 48" Celo Cucoloris
4-36"x 36" Solid Floppy
4-36"x 36" Open Frame
2-24"x 36" Open End Single Net
2-24"x 36" Open End Double Net
1-24"x 36" Open End Triple Net
4-24"x 36" Solid Flag
2-24"x 36" Solid Metal Flag
1-24"x 36" Open End Celo Cucoloris
2-24"x 36" Open Frame

2-18"x 24" Open End Single Net
2-18"x 24" Open End Double Net
1-18"x 24" Open End Triple Net
2-18"x 24" Solid Flag
2-18"x 24" Solid Metal Flag
2-18"x 24" Open Frame

2-10"x 12" Open End Single Net
2-10"x 12" Open End Double Net
2-10"x 12" Solid Flag
3-Fome Cor/B-Board Fork
Dot Set (16-pc) & Finger Set (12-pc)

1-36"x 72" (Wag Flag)
2-24"x 72" Floppy Solid Cutter
2-10"x 42" Solid Cutter
4-42"x 42" Reflector (Silver)
2-42"x 42" Mirror Reflector*
20-40" C-Stand w/ Gobo Head and Arm
1-20" C-Stand (mini base) w/ Gobo Head and Arm
1-20" C-Stand (turtle base) w/ Gobo Head and Arm
2-20" Short Arms
2-40" Gobo Arms w/ Gobo Heads 
6-2 1/2" Gobo Head
1-2 1/2" Double Headed Grip Head w/ 3/8" pin

4-Mombo Combo Stand 4-riser w/RM leg & wheels
8-Combo Steel Stand 3-riser w/RM leg & wheels
2-Low Combo Steel Stand 2-riser w/RM leg & wheels
4-Mini Baby Fold-up w/R/M Stand 2-riser (Preemie)
5-Baby Fold up Stand 3-riser
8-Baby Fold-up R/M Stand 3-riser
2-Baby Matthlink Stands

2-M/R Baby Base Plate
2-3" Baby Nail-On-Plate
2-6" Baby Nail-On-Plate
2-Baby Rt. Angle Nail-On Plate
2-Baby Receiver Nail-On Plate
4-11" x 11" Beaver Boards w/ 3" Baby Nail-On-Plate
2-Baby Off-Set Arm
2-Baby Side Arm
2-Baby Double Header
2-Baby Triple Header

4-Baby Pipe Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin
4-Mafer Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin
9-Cardellini Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin
1-Cardellini 90 Degree Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Cardellini 6" Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Cardellini Mini Clamp w/ 3/8" Pin
2-Gaffer Grip w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Chain Vise Grip w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Baby 90 Degree w/ 5/8" Pin

2-Baby Cheater Adapter w/5/8" pin
2-Baby Helper Adapter w/ two 5/8" Pin

6-Ceiling Clip w/ 5/8" Pin
3-Wide Ceiling Clip w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Putty Knives w/ 5/8" Pin
1-Magazine Clamp W/ 5/8" Pin
4-Flat Frame Holder w/ 5/8" Pin
12-Lighting Safety Cable

(*) Part of Truck Load but Not Included in Truck Package Price

1-Branch Holder w/ Ear
2-Fome Cor Holder
2-Bead Board Holder
6-4 1/2" Grip Head w/1-1/8" Pin (Lolly-Pop)
1-4 1/2" Double Head Grip Head w/ 1-1/8" Pin
1-3" & 6" Baby Pin w/ 3/8" Female Thread
1-3" & 6" Baby Pin w/ 3/8" Male Thread
3" Baby Pin w/ 1/4" Male & Female Thread
1-Baby Pin to 3/8" Pin (Norms Pin)
3-MPTV Pin Adapter

4-Junior To Baby Pin Adapter (Spud Adapter)
2-Baby Junior Receiver
2-Junior 45 Degree Drop Down

4-Junior Nail-On-Plate
1-Adjustable Junior Off-Set Arm
1-Junior Side Arm
1-Junior Triple Header
4-Junior Pipe Clamp w/1-1/8" Receiver & 5/8" Pin
1-Junior Trapeze
1-Junior Tree Bracket
1-1-1/4" Pipe Boom Kit w/ Baby & Jr. (Pipe Not Included)
1-Mini Boom Arm 46" to 83" w/ Drop Down 5/8" Pin*

2-Scaffold Clamps w/ 5/8" Pin
2-Scaffold Clamps w/1-1/8" Pin (Big Bend)
2-Scaffold Clamps w/ 1-1/8" Receiver
2-Scaffold Clamps w/ Ear
4-Scaffold Fixed Clamps (Cheesebourough)
4-Scaffold Swivel Clamps

2-2"x 4" Wall Spreader
2-2"x 4" Holder w/1-1/8" & 5/8" Pin
2 sets-2"x 4" Wall Splicer (set of 2)
2-Bailin Bracket

12-#1 Spring Clamps
24-#2 Spring Clamps
12-#3 Spring Clamps
2-12" Furniture Clamp w/ 5/8" Slider Pin
2-18" Furniture Clamp w/ 5/8" Slider Pin
1-6" Versa-Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin or 1-1/8" Receiver
1-6" Junior C-Clamp w/ 1-1/8" Receiver
1-6" Baby C-Clamp w/ 5/8" Receiver
4 ea.- 1", 2", 3", 4", 6" & 8" Plain C-Clamp

1-8" Junior C-Clamp w/ Universal 1-1/8" Receiver
1-8" Baby C-Clamp w/ 5/8" Pins
2- 1-1/4" Speed C Bracket  (Pipe Not Included)

6-Full Apple Box
4-Half Apple Box
4-Quarter Apple Box
4-Eighth Apple Box (Pancake)
6-Basso Block Full
12-Basso Block Half

25-Sand Bag (15 lb)
12-Cup Block
Crate of Dolly Wedges (2"x 4")

1- 4' Double Sided Fiberglass Ladder
1- 6' Double Sided Fiberglass Ladder
1- 8' Double Sided Fiberglass Ladder
1-10' Double Sided Fiberglass Ladder

1- Flatbed Magliner w/ 8" Conversion Wheels
1- C-Stand Cart (Holds 14 C-Stands)
1- Backstage Muscle/Cable Cart
1- Backstage Nine Crate Cart
1- Backstage Junior Grip Cart w/ Fire Extinguisher



4-Sound/Furniture Moving Blankets
1-Bag C-47 Clothespins
1-Crate of Black Duvetyne
1-Crate of Plastic Tarps
1-Camera Umbrella w/ 1-1/8" Pin

4-3/8" x 50 ft. Safety Overhead Hand Lines
4-3/8" x 100 ft. Safety Overhead Hand Lines
8-Dog Screws w/ 8 Carbiners
4-Bull Pricks
1-Sledge Hammer
1-Hand Sledge
1-Bag Grip Chain
1-Roll Stove Pipe Wire
4-Rachet Strap

1-Roll Paper Towels
6-Street Cone
1-Fire Extinguisher
1-First Aid Kit
3-Reflector Triangle (Road Emergency)

1-Hand Saw
1-Screwdriver Set Flat & Phillips
1-Socket Set
1-Hacksaw w/spare blades
1-Level (48")
1-Measuring Tape (25')
1-Staple Gun (Arrow T-50)
1-Box 5/8" Push Pins

4-1"x 2"x 8' #2 Pine
4-1"x 4"x 10' #2 Pine
4-2"x 4"x 10' #2 Pine
4-2" x 6" x 10" #2 Pine
1-3/4" x 4'x 4' B/C Plywood
2-3/4" x 4'x 8' Birch Plywood
2-1/4" x 4'x 8' Masonite
4-1" x 12"x 10' #2 Pine (Dolly Planks)


1-Box 1" Drywall Screws
1-Box 1-1/4" Drywall Screws
1-Box 1-5/8" Drywall Screws
1-Box 2-1/2" Drywall Screws
1-Box 3" Drywall Screws

1-Box 1/4" Arrow T-50 Staples
1-Box 3/8" Arrow T-50 Staples
1-Box 1/2" Arrow T-50 Staples

1-Box 4d (1-1/2")
1-Box 8d (2-1/2")
1-Box 16d (3-1/2")

1-1"x 4'x 8' Beadboard (White/White)
1-1"x 4'x 4' Beadboard (White/White)
2-3/16"x 4'x 8' Fome-Cor (White/White)
2-3/16"x 4'x 8' Fome-Cor (Black/White)
2-3/16"x 4'x 8' Fome-Cor (Flat Black/Flat Black)
10-32"x 40" Showcard (Black/White)

4 Hanks-# 4-1/2 Venetian Blind
4 Hanks-# 8 Sash Cord
4 Hanks-#10 Sash Cord

1-roll 1" Black Camera Tape
1-roll 1" White Camera Tape
1-roll 1" Black Photo Paper Tape
1-roll 2" Black Photo Paper Tape

1-roll 2" Black Gaffer Tape
1-roll 2" Gray Gaffer Tape
1-roll 2" White Gaffer Tape

1-roll 1" Clear J-Lar Tape
1-roll 2" Clear J-Lar Tape
1-roll 3/4" Transfer Tape
1-roll Caution Tape (Black/Yellow)

1-Full CTO Gel
1-Half CTO Gel
1-Quarter CTO Gel
1-Eighth CTO Gel
1-Full CTB Gel
1-Half CTB Gel
1-Quarter CTB Gel
1-Eighth CTB Gel

1-216 White Diffusion
1-250 Half Diffusion
1-251 Quarter Diffusion
1-Opal Tough Frost Diffusion
1-1000H Tracing Paper (48"x 20yds.)

1-Full Tough Plus Green
1-Half Tough Plus Green
1-Quarter Tough Plus Green
1-Eighth Tough Plus Green

1-Full Tough Minus Green
1-Half Tough Minus Green
1-Quarter Tough Minus Green
1-Eighth Tough Minus Green

1-1.2 Neutral Denity
1-.9 Neutral Density
1-.6 Neutral Density
1-.3 Neutral Density

1-roll 12" Black Aluminum Wrap
1-roll 24" Black Aluminum Wrap

1-Streaks 'n Tips Spray (Silver)
1-Streaks 'n Tips Spray (Black)
1-Streaks 'n Tips Spray (Brown)
1-Gloss White Paint
1-Flat Black Paint

1-Glass Cleaner
1-Silicon Spray
1-Dulling Spray
1-Adhesive Super 77 (3M)
1-WD-40 Spray
1-Baby Powder
1-Lemon Pledge Wax Cleaner


5-TON ELECTRICAL PACKAGE.........................$400.00
6-50' #2 5-Wire Banded Feeder Cable 
1-1200A 3-Phase Cam-loc Thu Box
1-600A 3-Phase Cam-loc Thru Box 
1-600A Single Phase Cam-loc (Combo Box)

4-50' 100A Bates Extensions
2-100' 100A Bates Extensions
1-100A Lunch Box (5 Edisons) 
2-100A Work Box (5 Edisons)
1-100A Gang Box (5 Edisons) 

4-50' 60A Bates Extensions 
1-60A Lunch Box (3 Edisons) 
1-60A Hollywood Box (3 Edisons)
12-50' 12/3 SJO 110V Extensions (Stingers)
10-25' 12/3 SJO 110V Extensions (Stingers)
6-Cable Crossover (5-Channel)

4-100A (M) Bates to 2-60A Fused Bates (F) 
2-Cam-loc (M) to (2) 100A Fused Bates (F) 
1-Cam-loc (M) to (2) 220v 100A Fused Bates (F) 
1-Set 5-Wire Soft Siamese 2/0 (Twofers) 
2-Set 5-Wire Tapping Tees (10)
1-Set 5-wire Soft Threefers 2/0
2-Cam-loc Male Turnaround
2-Cam-loc Female Turnaround
1-Extra Ground Reversal Soft Threefer
1-Ground Reversal Squid

2-2000W House Dimmers
2-1000W House Dimmers 
2-600W House Dimmers 
2-300W House Dimmers 
6-Ground Adapters 
6-Cube Taps 


5-TON QUARTZ PACKAGE................................$350.00
Includes: Head, Lamp, 25' Head Cable, Door (4-Way), Scrim Set (5-pc) & Snoot.

2-2000W Baby Junior w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5pc)
2-2000W 8" Junior w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5pc)
4-1000W Baby Baby w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5pc)
4-650W Baby Tweenies w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5pc)
4-200W Baby Mini-Mole  w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5pc)

1-2000W Arri Open Face w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5-pc)
2-1000W Redhead Open Face w/ Barndoors & scrim set (5-pc)
2-2000W "Zip" Soft Light w/ Egg Crate
1-750W "Zip" Soft Light  w/ Egg Crate
Snoots for each: Mini-Moles (3 pc.), Tweeenies (5-in-1), Baby (5-in-1) & 2-Juniors (5-in-1).

1-Lowel K5BR Kit 
Peanut Lightning Gags 

1-Backstage Head Cart

(*) Part of Truck Load But Not Included in Truck Package Price






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